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*New titles coming this Summer and Fall*


Cameron’s Off White Underwear

A collection of poetry for growth and understanding.


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Sample Poem:


My Mother-in-law

My mother-in-law remembers
when the Red Army revolutionized
the eon old culture in China
A poor city girl with nothing
still had nothing, but hope

Riding her bike
on the auto jammed
no shoulder highways
she spent her youth in a factory
Making the clothing
i used to wear
and i didn’t care
because i didn’t know.

As a young woman
she found she would
raise another girl in
that no chance for a girl
culture, but America beckoned
and the family flew to
the granite slabbed streets
between Prince and Spring
My wife was six
and my mother-in-law
had the rights of an
illiterate immigrant

Mouths agape and winter winds
stabbing through the cracks
of their shoddy slum apartment
she went to the only place she knew:
The Chinese Factory
Cut from the Himalayan alluvium
hidden between the high rises
of the suit and tie
high heel steppers
who spent their time in
glass and steel
ignoring that glimpse
of the cracked brick building
in China Town
as steam snuck from
the irons when they pressed
my jeans and shirts
without a tariff.

Breathing in that steam
blowing out rainbow colored
snot and boogers
she spent as much time
behind the sewing machine
as our youth spends in front
of the plasma screen
for six days a week.
On the seventh day
she took her family
Out to Dim Sum
giving them their
heart’s desire
which is what it cost her.

And when first i met her
she lavished me with gifts.
A country boy
with head cocked up
to the manmade peaks.
She dressed me like a lord
and fed me like a prince
(Even when her worn out shoes
painfully corned her feet)
How she could
on pennies a piece?
I can hardly understand.
Even after my rich
Wall Street uncles
took her stocks and ran.
She bought the house
and car i tend
She taught my wife to love
She cared for my three sons at birth
And her hands she’ll still lend.