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time alone

Drops on Calendula




Morning Commute

Cool crisp wind
cut into wakes,
my face
the blade
the smooth surfaced
to my side
comes to me
and speaks a throaty
beacon, making preparation
for their flight
towards the waist
of our world.
Sounding so brave
and isolated, they fly
from a broken
bottle-neck machine.
Pooling their strength
from a time of
heaven shrouded darkness.
when we all knew
how to ask
for anything,

Over my shoulder
the hazy peach
sky meets with vanilla
warming my heart
i thank the miracle
of our star,
bringing us
to the ambient beauty…
Once in the present
we dance in the moment
submission and control
love and fear
in the present
guiding us to take
her, and intertwine
in love. We always
create our world.
Pedaling hard i open
my arms, and coast…
gliding through the air
with our kindred
sky runners.

Excerpt from “Cameron’s Off White Underwear” by cameron parker.